Teaching experience:

Hutchinson Music Studios
March 1994 – July 1997

Musictech College
March 1997 – December 2000

Minnetonka Music Academy
April 1997 – 2002

I started teaching guitar and bass lessons in March of 1994 and have been teaching continuously since then, averaging about 35 students per week.

I currently teach at my home studio in Sherman Oaks, California.

Some facts about my teaching style:

I don’t have a specific method for teaching my students, but rather tailor the lesson to fit the interests of each student. This could include such ideas as learning songs (of any style), learning musical fundamentals, rythms, theory, working on improvisation, soloing, and technique.
I don’t use (or require you to purchase) any specific guitar method books. Instead I give handouts and written material designed for each individual student.

Many of my students bring in cds of songs they want to learn. Learning songs is an important part of learning an instrument, plus it’s fun! I can normally chart/tab out a song very quickly whether I’ve heard it before or not. Sometimes the tabs that you can get off of the internet can be helpful for learning a song, but often I have to correct a lot of mistakes on them.

In general, I teach all skill levels and all styles of music. However, if you are looking for advanced speed metal, classical or jazz guitar lessons there are more qualified instructors in that area that specialize in those specific styles of music.

Some observations I’ve made regarding teaching:

The purpose of lessons is to give you information and answer the questions that will help you to get closer to attaining your goals on the instrument. However, all the lessons in the world will be meaningless if you don’t put in the required effort to practice.

Everyone learns at a different pace. Because of this, group guitar lessons can be a real disappointment to anyone who learns above or below the average pace of the class. It also makes it impossible to estimate how long it will take for an individual student to be able to attain basic competency on the instrument.

Not only does everyone learn at different pace, but everyone has a different level of time that they commit to practicing. The industry standard practice of the weekly lesson is not the best solution for everyone. That’s why at my home studio I offer flexible scheduling: you decide how often you want to have lessons.

Music stores are not necessarily the best place to take lessons. Obviously, these stores exist to sell musical gear. They offer lessons simply as another means of selling equipment, books etc. This is not to say that there aren’t qualified teachers at these stores. It’s just that often they have to walk a fine line between being a teacher and being a salesperson.

My educational background:

Secondary School:
Northfield Mt. Hermon School

Beloit College
B.A. Music

Musictech College
Professional Musician Program Diploma
Advanced Professional Musician Program Diploma
Outstanding Advanced Musician Award

Current teaching rates:

Half hour lessons – $18
One hour lessons – $35


Cell: (818) 445-2728
E-mail: scott(at)