My Bio…

Originally from New Hampshire, Scott Felton grew up immersed in music.  His earliest memories revolve around listening to music as his father had a vast and eclectic record and 8-track collection and his mother practiced classical piano pieces daily.    While Scott took piano lessons, clarinet lessons,and sang in a choir as a child,  he didn’t find the experience of actually playing music to be inspiring until he started playing guitar & bass in bands as a teenager.  He was self taught on both those instruments until he went to Beloit College in Wisconsin where in addition to studying guitar and bass he also began studying drums and ultimately graduated with a B.A. in music.  After graduation, Scott moved to Minneapolis where he graduated from both the Professional Musicians Program and the Advanced Professional Musician Program at McNally Smith College of Music.  Upon gradutaion, Scott was awarded the Outstanding Advanced Musician Award.Since then Scott has been a full time musician, performing with many high end cover, tribute, and corporate bands as well as occasionally working with original artists in both Minneapolis and Los Angeles.   In addition, he teaches guitar and bass lessons and owns a small recording studio.

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